How to Process a Payment to the Filing Office

This information is for the payment processor at the [bank].
  1. When the person arrives in the [bank] and says he or she wants to make a payment to the secured transaction registry office, first ask for the person’s name and other identification (ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.), and make note of the name.
  2. Then ask if the payment is for a client account or for one-time use of the filing office. If it is for a client account, ask for the number of the client account, and make note of it.
  3. Take the person’s payment. It may be cash or other form of payment ordinarily accepted by the bank. Deposit the payment to the Filing Office account in the bank.
  4. Log in to the filing office website and enter your user name and password in the log-in screen located at the top of the page.
  5. A Home Page will open, with the following options: Enter Payment Receipt Details, List Bank Vouchers, Change Password and End This Session and Log Out.
  6. Click on “Enter Bank Receipt” details to open the payment entry screen.
  7. In the payment entry screen:
    1. Enter the branch name of the [bank] on the given space.
    2. If the payment is for a client account, select Client Account from the drop-down in the “Account Type” line. And enter the client account number.
    3. If the payment is for a one-time user, select Non-Client.
    4. Bank receipt number is generated automatically by the system.
    5. Enter the name of the person making the payment in the “Name of Payer” space.
    6. Enter the amount of the payment in the “Amount of Payment” space.
    7. “Remarks” space is available to make any comments if necessary by the payment processor in the bank.
    8. Check the entry of the branch name, the client account number, name of the payer and the amount carefully to make sure that they are correctly entered.
    9. Click on the “Save” button to save the information.
    10. After you save the information, the confirmation screen will be displayed with the information that was entered. If it is correct, press the confirm button or else cancel. Once you confirm it, a payment slip will be displayed. Print it and give the copy to the person who made the payment.