How to Access the Filing (Registry) Office Website

The kind of access to the Filing Office website that you need depends on what you want to do, and on whether you are going to use it to register notices regularly or only once or infrequently.

Public Access

  • If all you want to do is to search for existing notices, return to the Welcome screen and select the Search option to go to the Search screen. In that case, there is no need to log in, and no fees are charged.

Client Account Access

  • If you are with a company or institution that will register notices of security interest on a regular basis, the company or institution should open a client account, which will allow you and your authorized users to log in to the website to register notices and request certified search reports. Client Account is based on a pre payment platform where the client makes the payment prior to the transactions.

    To set up a client account, return to the Welcome screen and either select the “Register” tab located at the top of the screen or enter into “How to…..” and click “Set up a Client Account”. The page will give you brief introduction about the client account and let you click “Apply for client account” to fill-up the client membership form which you can complete and submit on-line. The Filing Office will take some time to look into your application and approve it. It will assign an account number to your client account and send you an email informing you about the same. Once you receive the account number, you will go to the nearest branch of the [bank] and make the payment in your account number for the transactions that you intend to make. Upon payment, you will be issued a payment slip by the [bank] for your reference. The payment thus made will be accrued in your account number and activate your account for the transactions.

Non Client Account Access

  • If you or your company will register notices or request certified search reports only once or infrequently, you can opt for non client access of the service.
  • The registrant may determine the fee for the transaction or transactions he or she wants to do by checking the fee schedule on the registry’s web page. The registrant can then pay the amount to the registry’s account at any branch of the [Bank]. Upon payment, the [Bank] will issue the payment slip with the bank receipt number on it, which the non client registrant will then use to log in to the “Non client log in” on the Welcome Screen to start the web session. The registry system will check for the bank receipt number in the file of unused bank receipts, and if it exists and has a sufficient balance for at least one transaction, will permit the registrant to begin the web session.
  • When the non-client registrant logs in to the registry website to register a notice or request a certified search report, he or she must fill up all the fields as given on the login form. When the registrant starts each transaction by selecting the transaction type from the Non-client Home page (Dashboard) for the web session, the remaining bank receipt balance is displayed. If the fee for a transaction is greater than the remaining balance, the registrant will not be permitted to continue with the transaction.
  • If, at the end of the web session, there is a remaining balance on the bank receipt, the balance will be retained in the file of unused bank receipts so that it can be used for later transactions. At the end of each web session, the transactions in the session will accrue to the transaction detail on the Non-client Home page so that the registrant may print it as a receipt.